The Builders Guide & Interior Eastern Cape have not been distributed due to the Corona Virus outbreak. From the 1st of July 2020 we want to distribute our 1st new edition

to the public.

We had changed from 10 000 booklets to 7 500 booklets to keep the cost as low as possible and added an E-Book in our package for wider distribution.  Many businesses had taken a knock in this time and we still want to promote their businesses in this time.  Because of this bad time we need to keep prices as low as possible for advertisement. Print booklets is still a niceway to advertise your business because not all the people have internet access to view our E-Book online.


We will distribute 7500 A5 booklets to the public through the post boxes at the Post Offices in the Eastern Cape and your same advert will be posted all over the Eastern Cape

through different groups on Facebook in our E-Book.


Please visit the About Page for more information and prices.

Click on the example E-Book link and page through our book!!


 Click on this link: Builders Guide & Interior 


We will make sure you are satisfied on the service we provide and we will make sure the Builders Guide & Interior reach the public as promised!




                                           KEEP  SAFE  and  STAY  ALIVE